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Politics of Memory and War From Russia to the Middle East

Edited by: Angelos Giannakopoulos

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Armed Jews in the Americas

Series: Jewish Latin America,

Volume: 13

Editors: Raanan Rein and David M.K. Sheinin

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A Jewish weapons manufacturer during the American Civil War, a Jewish-Canadian chair of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Board, and Jewish-Argentine guerrilla fighters—these are some of the individuals discussed in this first-of-its-kind volume. It brings together some of the best new works on armed Jews in the Americas. Links between Jews and their ties to weapons are addressed through multiple cultural, political, social, and ideological contexts, thus breaking down longstanding, stilted myths in many societies about Jews and weaponry. Anti-Semitism and Jewish self-defense, Jewish volunteers in the Spanish Civil War and in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, and Jewish-American gangsters as ethnic heroes form part of the little-researched topic of Jews and arms in the Americas.

יחסי יהודים–ערבים: שפה, תרגום והשאלת מילים בין שתי השפות עברית וערבית

המחזות הזוכים בתחרות המחזות של קרן ארדיטי 2020


אוניברסיטת תל אביב ןקרן ארדיטי לדיאלוג בינתרבותי, 2020

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יחסי יהודים–ערבים: שפה, תרגום והשאלת מילים בין שתי השפות עברית וערבית

العلاقات بين اليهود والعرب: اللغة، الترجمة واستعارة الكلمات بين العبرية والعربية

Jewish – Arab relations: Language, translations and the exchange of words between Hebrew and Arabic

Relations Juifs-Arabes: langue, traduction et la question des mots entre l’hébreu et l’arabe

"קשר" 54 | אביב 2020

עורך: גדעון קוץ

תקשורת בין-דתית


לגיליון המלא לחץ כאן

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Migrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers in Latin America


Editors: Raanan Rein, Stefan Rinke and David M.K. Sheinin

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Scholarship on ethnicity in modern Latin America has traditionally understood the region’s various societies as fusions of people of European, indigenous, and/or African descent. These are often deployed as stable categories, with European or “white” as a monolith against which studies of indigeneity or blackness are set. The role of post-independence immigration from eastern and western Europe—as well as from Asia, Africa, and Latin-American countries—in constructing the national ethnic landscape remains understudied. The contributors of this volume focus their attention on Jewish, Arab, non-Latin European, Asian, and Latin American immigrants and their experiences in their “new” homes. Rejecting exceptionalist and homogenizing tendencies within immigration history, contributors advocate instead an approach that emphasizes the locally- and nationally-embedded nature of ethnic identification.

Media, Freedom of Speech, and Democracy in the EU and Beyond


Editor: Angelos Giannakopoulos

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This volume provides insight into the situation regarding freedom of expression
and the media across Europe today. Renowned European scholars and
practitioners in the field analyze specific problems and threats that the media,
in general, and journalists, in particular, face in Europe, as well as in selected
countries (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Malta, and Austria). In addition,
the book provides an overview of how technology-driven changes affect the
ways news is being made, found, delivered, and funded, and examines the
implications for media pluralism. It also takes a ground-breaking look at the
growing role of the media in managing security crises. The book as a whole is
inspired by the fundamental view still vital to democracies that the role of the
press is “to serve the governed, not the governors.”


המסע האחר: יהודי אתיופיה וחלקם במאבק המהפכני של אתיופיה בשנים 1991-1974

מחבר: דוד רטנר

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Executive Summary: Israel and Africa – A New Push and Turn?​


Inaugural Africa-Israel Forum:

Tel Aviv University – 13th December 2017 

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השדות באפריקה : חוויות של מחקר והבניית ידע


מחבר: רות ג'יניאו, נועה לוי ולין שלר

השדות באפריקה פותח צוהר אל עולמם של חוקרים ישראלים העוסקים בגיבוש ידע אודות אפריקה. האוסף מעלה שאלות בנושא מתודולוגיה, חוויות מהמחקר וסוגיות שונות שעומדות בפני חוקרים ישראלים בתהליך עבודת השדה. המחברים כולם פונים ליבשת כתחום ידע, ותרומותיהם השונות משקפות גיוון דיסציפלינארי, גיאוגרפי ועִתִּי עצום. מקום המפגש בין המאמרים השונים הוא השאיפה המשותפת לתרום למחקר מושכל על “אפריקה”. ספר זה מציע תובנות על המורכבויות, הדילמות והחוויות שמאפיינות את תהליך הבניית הידע על היבשת כיום. פירות המחקרים תורמים להבנת העולם כולו ומאתגרים את הנחות היסוד של דיסציפלינות רבות, כמו היסטוריה, אמנות, לימודי דתות, פילוסופיה, סוציולוגיה ומדעי המדינה.

Solidarity in the European Union: Challenges and Perspectives


Editedor: Angelos Giannakopoulos

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Against the background of the EU’s multifaceted crisis, i.e. financial and refugee crises, the growing security threat, Brexit, the deterioration of state of law in some member states, the growing gap between citizens and political elites, the political radicalization of an increasing number of citizens, etc. this book purports to reassess the social, legal, economic and moral dimensions of solidarity in the EU. The discussion on the challenges solidarity as the leading principle of EU integration currently faces focuses on fundamental questions vis-à-vis EU integration such as: are the EU’s integration and crisis management capacities already exhausted, has European integration reached its limits or will the EU be finally in the position to fully put into practice and further enhance solidarity, and hence, integration?
The book brings together the contributions of the following internationally renowned scholars and experts in the field: Alfred Tovias, Professor Emeritus, Department of International Relations, Hebrew University, Alberto Spektorowski, Professor of Political Science at Tel Aviv University and Karen Umansky, PhD candidate in the Department of Public Policy at Tel Aviv University, Christal Morehouse, Senior Program Officer of the Open Society Foundation and Yann-Sven Rittelmeyer, policy analyst at the European Policy Centre (EPC) in Brussels, Denis MacShane, Europe minister as well as deputy foreign secretary in Tony Blair’s government, Deniz Senol Sert, Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, Ozyegin University, Istanbul and Fulya Felicity Türkmen, Assistant at Ozyegin University, Istanbul, Hartwig Hummel, Professor of European Politics and International Relations at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany, Kyriakos Filinis, postdoctoral  research fellow at the Crisis Observatory of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), Vassilis Kappis, Lecturer at the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies of the University of Buckingham, United Kingdom.

The Emergence of the Modern Middle East


Authors: Asher Susser and Duygu Atlas 

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This book discusses the emergence of the modern Middle East from the fall of the Ottoman Empire, at the end of the First World War to the present. It discribes the Ottoman legacy in the region and the Western imperial impact on the creation of the Arab state system. The book discusses the rise and retreat of Arab nationalism, the problems of internal cohesion of the Arab states, issues of religion and state, and the evolution of Islamist politics. It also focuses on the evolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict and its impact on the region and will conclude with an in depth analysis of the “Arab Spring” by placing these contemporary revolutionary events in their historical context.

The New Ethnic Studies in Latin America


Edited by Raanan Rein, Stefan Rinke, and Nadia Zysman

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The New Ethnic Studies in Latin America aims at going beyond and against much of Jewish Latin American historiography, situating Jewish-Latin Americans in the larger multi-ethnic context of their countries. Senior and junior scholars from various countries joined together to challenge commonly held assumptions, accepted ideas, and stable categories about ethnicity in Latin America in general and Jewish experiences on this continent in particular.

This volume brings to the discussions on Jewish life in Latin America less heard voices of women, non-affiliated Jews, and intellectuals. Community institutions are not at center stage, conflicts and tensions are brought to the fore, and a multitude of voices pushes aside images of homogeneity. Authors in this tome look at Jews’ multiple homelands: their country of birth, their country of residence, and their imagined homeland of Zion.

In Search of Modern Palestinian Nationhood  


Author: Matti Steinberg

Published by: Moshe Dayan Center and Tel Aviv University Press, 2016, 503 pp.

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The simplistic attitude that reduces the various conceptions in the modern Palestinian national thinking into stereotypical dictums, such as "the overall aim of all the Palestinians is to liquidate the state of Israel," instills perhaps a superfluous sense of meaning but it does not accomodate with the development of the historical reality. The reader of this book will find that the Palestinian national attitudes have departed from the original unanimity as far as means and aims are concerned. A discrepancy has emerged between their ideal aspirations and their perceptions of what can be achieved. 

Based mainly on primary Arabic sources, this book delves into the cognitive dissonances created since the 1967 War and their bearing on the Palestinans' self-images and on their perceptions vis a vis Israel as the intimate adversary. It shows that in spite of the authenticity of the Palestinian transformations, they might be reversible if they are not acknowledged and responded to by Israel and the international community.

​Energy Cooperation and Security in the Eastern Mediterranean:

A Seismic Shift towards Peace or Conflict?


Editor: Angelos Giannakopoulos

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The Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East have increasingly become a primary focus of interest both in Europe as well as in the global arena. Recent developments in the field of energy following the discovery of significant hydrocarbon reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean have bolstered the importance of this sub-region as a factor to be reckoned with in terms of a new balance of power in the Middle East. Against this background, the volume at hand analyzes the conditions under which energy reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean could serve to boost cooperation and peace or, on the contrary, would further complicate existing conflicts. Special emphasis is placed on the significance of these developments for European energy security and the effect on the relationship of the countries of this region to the European Union.
This volume brings together the contributions of internationally renowned scholars and experts in the field: Thanos Dokos, Director-General of ELIAMEP in Athens; Ariel Ezrahi, Energy Adviser at the Office of the Quartet Representative (OQR); Tony Blair; Sergio Matalucci, journalist at Natural Gas Europe; Jörn Richert, Professor for Energy Governance at the University of St. Gallen; Simone Tagliapietra, from the Brussels-based think tank Bruegel; Igor Taranic, Researcher at the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels; Theodoros Tsakiris, Assistant Professor at the University of Nicosia and member of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Hydrocarbon Company; Shaul Zemach, former Director General of the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources. 
Angelos Giannakopoulos is based at Dortmund University and is currently a Heinrich Heine Visiting Professor and DAAD Lecturer in European Studies at Tel Aviv University. He is internationally active in teaching and research and has headed two major EU-funded projects on corruption and citizenship in Europe. He has been a visiting professor and research fellow at several universities and research institutions in the USA, Japan, Turkey, Hungary, and Cyprus. He has published many books and articles on various fields of European integration, sociology of culture and knowledge, anti-corruption, citizens’ empowerment, etc.

The Evolution of Israeli-Chinese Friendship


Author: Aron Shai


Published by: The S. Daniel Abraham Center for International and Regional Studies and Confucius Institue, 2014, 64 pp.


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The study of China, Chinese literature, language, philosophy, history, geography and culture at Tel Aviv University is most impressive. It is conducted at the Department of East Asian Studies, the Confucius Institute, the faculty of Business Administration and at various other departments.


Many of our students go to China annually to improve their knowledge of this unique country and its people and an increased number of Chinese scholars come to the University regularly and are being exposed to a variety of disciplines taught and researched here, be it nanotechnology, engineering, medicine, the Hebrew language, Jewish culture, conflict resolution etc. But, as the present study shows, the various aspects related to Sino-Israeli relations are manifold and encompass a wide range of issues in additionto the mere academic. Indeed, the two countries are at the beginning of a newera of prolific and fruitful relations, relations between two of the greatest old civilizations.


I should like to thank my colleagues at the Confucius Institute, the Department of East Asian Studies, The S. Daniel Abraham Center for International and Regional Studies (SDAC) and the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) for affording me the opportunity to pursue my research in their most congenial company. I am also indebted to Prof. Raanan Rein, the Director of SDAC, who carefully read the manuscript and suggested useful corrections and additions, to my research assistant Ms. Or Biron for her professional work and help and to Mrs. Shulamit Berman for reading and editing the manuscript.


This is a new and updated edition of an earlier version entitled, Sino-Israeli Relations: Current Reality and Future Prospects, published by the INSS in 2009.

Aron Shai

The Evolution and Future of India - Israel Relations


Author: Rajendra Abhyankar


Published by: The S. Daniel Abraham Center for International and Regional Studies, 2012, 48 pp.

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2012 will mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of full diplomatic relations between India and Israel. The visit of Indian External Affair Minister Mr. S.M.Krishna to Tel Aviv from January 8 to 11. 2012 underlined the importance the two countries attach to this event. Although the birth pangs of this relationship were painful, it has metaphorically become a strapping young lad ready for a great future. This Paper will aim to trace the history of this relationship and forecast its future trajectory.

The thesis in the Paper is that besides the changes in the global economic and political environment after the Cold War, the fact that India’s neighbourhood had become increasingly dangerous dictated that defence and security issues, and indeed supplies, became and remained the fulcrum of the relationship for the decade of the 90’s. It was only in the second decade that the relationship expanded toinclude trade, industry, information and hi-tech technology, investment and people-to-people contact.


Thus in contrast to the fallow decades since the Independence of the two countries, the last almost 20 years have seen an explosive growth in the diversity of contact between the two countries. By developing an intrinsic worth to the relationship based on the natural talents of the two peoples, its future appears assured divorced from the ups and downs of their political and security imperatives. An evocative indication that the bilateral relationship has sufficiently matured to come out of the closet was the agreement during the recent Krishna visit to Tel Aviv for setting up an Israeli Consulate General in Bengaluru.




  El otro en la España contemporánea: Prácticas, discursos y representaciones


Author: Raanan Rein


Published by: Tres Culturas, 2011, 434 pp.

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discurso sobre el otro -entendido como una nueva toma de conciencia de los mecanismos de poder, en cuanto a la discriminación por razones de género, etnia, raza, credo, clase y sexualidad- llega a un punto de inflexión en los años 60, cuando hacen implosión en el espacio público diferentes movimientos de protesta. No obstante, en la década de los 60 y principios de los 70, la España del estado de excepción, del desarrollismo económico y de la emigración se mantendrá relativamente ajena a estos nuevos posicionamientos. El país es telón de fondo de una dictadura decrépita que aún pretende someter a la sociedad española a un proceso interminable de hibernación intelectual e ideológica.


Será con la transición y la consolidación democrática -momento en el que cobran legitimación oficial las diversidades nacionales, culturales y lingüísticas- cuando se comiencen a indagar libremente aquellas identidades que no responden a los cánones establecidos por el imaginario del nacionalcatolicismo. A partir de 1978 España expresará públicamente su carácter plurinacional y multicultural. La nueva España democrática y europeísta pasará a convertirse en foco receptor de flujos migratorios. Esto hará replantear el concepto de ciudadanía y traerá aparejado complejos desafíos que desbordarán los viejos prejuicios que otrora acompañaron a judíos, musulmanes y gitanos.


ישראל ויוזמת השלום הערבית


עורך: אפרים לביא


הוצאת מרכז תמי שטינמץ למחקרי שלום בשיתוף עם מרכז דניאל אברהם ללימודים בינלאומיים ואזוריים, 2010, 174 עמודים.





אודות הספר >

יוזמת השלום הערבית ממארס 2002 מהווה שינוי היסטורי בעמדת הערבים כלפי ישראל. ביסודה היא עידוד ותמריץ המכוּוָן להניע את ישראל להגיע להסדרי שלום עם שכניה הפלסטינים, הסורים והלבנונים, שבעקבותיהם תזכה להכרה מצד העולם הערבי וליחסי שלום עִמו. היוזמה נעשתה, לצד החלטות האו"ם, למקור התייחסות של הקהילה הבינלאומית בכל הקשור ליישוב הסכסוך הישראלי-ערבי. חתירתה של איראן להיות מעצמה גרעינית והתגברות השפעתה בלבנון וברשות הפלסטינית, הביאו את המנהיגים הערבים לנסות לגבש חזית לשם בלימת חדירתה לאזור. המנהיגים האמינו שזהו גם אינטרס ישראלי ולפיכך ייחסו חשיבות לקידום הערוצים הבילטראליים שיביאו לפתרון הסכסוך בין ישראל לבין שכניה. תגובתה הצוננת של ישראל ליוזמה הערבית והחשיבות המועטה שייחס לה ממשל הנשיא ג'ורג' בוש, לא תרמו להתקדמות במסגרתה.


יוזמת השלום הערבית עודנה "מונחת על השולחן", אך נדמה כי ערכה בעיני חברות הליגה הערבית מתכרסם והולך בהיעדר התקדמות מדינית, וככל שאיראן מתקרבת ליכולת גרעינית. מנהיגי ערב עודם מקווים שישראל תקדם את התהליכים המדיניים עם שכניה ושהממשל האמריקני יאמץ את היוזמה כאבן ראשה במדיניותו באזור, לבלימת איראן והשחקנים הלא-מדינתיים, חיזבאללה וחמאס, הנתמכים על-ידה. בשיח הציבורי והאקדמי בישראל חלוקות הדעות לגבי מהותה ותוכנה של יוזמת השלום הערבית. רוב החוקרים והפרשנים תמימי דעים כי היוזמה היא שיאו של תהליך היסטורי שהביא להיווצרותו של קונסנזוס כלל-ערבי הקורא להגיע לשלום מלא עם ישראל, אך לא מעטים מעלים ספקות לגבי כנות כוונותיהם של הערבים.


בקובץ זה מובאים מאמריהם של עשרה מבכירי החוקרים בישראל מדיסציפלינות שונות, שניתחו והאירו את יוזמת השלום הערבית מנקודת מבטם המקצועית והביאו לכלל ביטוי את עמדתם בשאלות השנויות במחלוקת בשיח הישראלי על אודותיה.


The Origins of Racism in the West


Authors: Miriam Eliav-Feldon Benjamin Isaac Joseph Ziegler


Published by: Cambridge University Press, 2013, 348 pp.

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Is it possible to speak of western racism before the eighteenth century? The term 'racism' is normally only associated with theories, which first appeared in the eighteenth century, about inherent biological differences that made one group superior to another. Here, however, leading historians argue that racism can be traced back to the attitudes of the ancient Greeks to their Persian enemies and that it was adopted, adjusted and re-formulated by Europeans right through until the dawn of the Enlightenment.


From Greek teachings on environmental determinism and heredity, through medieval concepts of physiognomy, down to the crystallization of attitudes to Indians, Blacks, Jews and Gypsies in the early modern era, they analyse the various routes by which racist ideas travelled before maturing into murderous ideologies in the modern western world. In so doing this book offers a major reassessment of the place of racism in pre-modern European thought.


Spanish and Latin American Transitions to Democracy


Edited By: Carlos H. Waisman and Raanan Rein


Published by: Sussex Academic Press, 2005, 246 pp.






אודות החוברת >

This volume compares the Spanish and Latin American “double transitions” to liberal democracy and an open-market economy. Spain’s transitions in the 1960s–1980s have become the paradigmatic case of successful institutional transformation, and thus the standard for the evaluation of the economic and political change in Latin America and Central/Eastern Europe in the 1980s and 1990s.


Even though most Latin American countries have transformed their economies and polities in recent decades, and the outcomes of this transformation have been variable, few of these countries have so far established solid liberal democracies and dynamic open economies. The essays in this book, written by distinguished specialists, examine the different trajectories in Spain and several nations in Latin America, and seek to explain the different outcomes. In the large recent literature on transitions, this is the first systematic comparison between Spain and the Latin American cases.


Árabes Y Judios en Iberoamérica: Similitudes, diferencias y tensiones


Edited By: Raanan Rein


Published by: Las Tres Culturas, 2008, 460 pp.

אודות הספר >

Según un sondeo realizado en 1992 en Argentina, árabes y judíos eran considerados como los grupos menos integrados en la vida del país por un tercio de los entrevistados, mientras que para un porcentaje aún mayor constituían un pueblo separado. Estas respuestas reflejan la persistencia de estereotipos sobre estos dos grupos de inmigrantes semitas, no sólo en Argentina sino en todo el continente.


Las primeras representaciones de árabes y judíos en Iberoamérica fueron anteriores a la llegada de inmigrantes de ese origen, algunas basadas en antiguas obras literarias e históricas de España, de modo que existían ya imágenes ampliamente difundidas sobre estas comunidades antes de que comenzaran a llegar desde África del Nor te, el moribundo Imperio Otomano o la Europa oriental al continente. Las Américas –Nor te y Sur– parecían prometer prosperidad y un futuro mejor, convir tiéndose así en el hogar de cientos de miles de árabes y judíos, la mayor par te llegados entre 1870 y 1930.


Con este volumen y con el seminario que le sir vió de base, la Fundación Tres Culturas ha querido contribuir a subsanar la relativamente poca atención que se ha prestado al estudio de los distintos aspectos de la experiencia semita en Iberoamérica. Sin obviar la existencia de tensiones entre unos y otros, también es cier to que, por lo menos en la primera mitad del siglo XX, antes del establecimiento del Estado de Israel, estas comunidades compar tieron vivencias similares y, en muchos casos, tuvieron intereses comunes ante sociedades receptoras en las que su posición no estaba claramente definida.

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